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Aug 2013
Chevron Looking At Mature Oilfields Off Mexico--Pemex

HOUSTON –  Chevron Corp. (CVX) is interested in developing matured oilfields off the coast of Mexico that are part of state-run oil firm Petroleos Mexicanos's second contract auction, according to public documents posted by Pemex on its website.
Aug 2013
Oil Drops After Weak Economic Data

Oil prices fell for a fourth straight day on Friday, dropping under $100 a barrel to 16-month lows after weak U.S. and Chinese economic data thrashed markets by pushing investors into safer havens.
March 2011
Gold Price Expecting to Peak near $1700 in 2012
Goldman Sachs has a six-month gold view at $1,565 an ounce, and a 12-month forecast at $1,690 an ounce.            
(Reported by Frank Tang; Editing by Marguerita Choy)

Overview of MIr Industrial

Thank you for your interest in Mir please feel free to explore our website and see how we may become partners in meeting your demands as we take on new challenges of industrial and technological growth in the Emerging World in which we live.

Mir Industrial is a Utah-based industrial composites contractor, fabricator that provides services and solutions to leading companies throughout North, South and Central America as well as Africa and Europe, the Middle East and Asian countries.  Along with our partners we are in a leading position in utilizing the most advanced technology available to date in fiberglass composite fabricating, rubber linings and Thermoplastic Coatings.
We specialize in fabrication, onsite installation/maintenance, and repairs of the
most advanced composite materials in the industry. Mir Industrial, is Uniquely
capable of rapid deployment of technicians anywhere in the world to help
in solving real-time world problems to keep them up and running also reducing the
high cost of shutdown time.

Our Technicians and service personnel are trained to comply with all relevant
environmental, health and safety commitments, laws, regulations and other requirements. We recognize that health, safety and environmental (HSE) excellence is fundamental to long-term business success. 

Some of our Products and services include; corrosion free composite chemical and
none chemical storage and process tanks, fiberglass oil, gas field tanks, fiberglass pipes, fittings, flanges,basins, manholes, maintenance ports, wastewater products, portable/fixed water tanks, manhole risers, large and small industrial ducting, underground shelter facilities wet scrubber stacks and chimney liners repair, power plant  water gates refurbish services and much more, (see services for more detail).

Mir can also provide applications for the following: Potable Drinking Water Storage,
Agricultural Applications, Industrial Process, Landscape Irrigation, Sewage &
Wastewater, Gray Water, Fire Sprinkler, Fire Cisterns, Rainwater Harvesting, Storm
Water Detention,  Thermal Storage.

our partners